Lidocaine Infusions at The London Pain Clinic in Hatfield

Lidocaine and ketamine infusions are used as a treatment modality for patients who are experiencing nerve related pain as well as chronic widespread pain syndromes such as Fibromyalgia Syndrome. 
These treatments can be used in particularly resistant cases, where normal medications or interventions have not resulted in adequate pain relief.  In most cases a wide variety of treatment modalities may well have been tried before, however they may well have failed or the side effects of the possible medications may not have been tolerated.  Infusion therapy hopes to circumnavigate these issues and possibly give patients the relief, that they are looking for.

Lidocaine Treatment

The treatment involved requires the patient to be observed in a clinical setting, most likely in a recovery/theatre environment and be administered intravenous Lidocaine with or without Ketamine.  It is performed as a day case procedure and will require a small cannular/drip to be placed in the back of the hand.  The patient will be monitored throughout the procedure, which can last up to two hours, in a carefully controlled and quiet area of the theatre setting.  This does not require any anaesthetic sedation, as the infusion is painless.  After the infusion has finished the patient is observed for a set period of time and discharged on the same day.  Normally the infusions are grouped together in a series of three infusions, normally one month apart. 

The Benefits of Lidocaine

Benefits will be noted after the first infusion and hence if no improvement is seen, then a second or a third infusion is not required.  However, in most cases if there is an improvement seen after the first infusion (normally by obtaining a pain diary) the second and third infusions superimpose their effects on the first.

The Treatment

During the infusion, the patient may well feel restful, however we recommend that patients bring in a book or their electronic device to help pass the time.
Before the infusions are commenced, the patient must be consented to have the treatment.  It is important to understand these infusions of medications are well within the safety level of the drugs used, however it is important to understand like with every treatment modality there are possible side effects.  These need to be discussed with the patient.
We have had some excellent results as a result of the infusions and may be potentially an option for your current condition.  If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us at the London Pain Clinic on 0207 118 0250.