We are incredibly honoured that our wonderful patients have taken the time to share their thoughts about our clinic and the services they’ve received from our highly experienced and devoted private care team.

Warm and professional, caring attitude!

I first saw Dr Singh in November 2018 having had suffered chronic back pain for over 3.5 years and a few unsuccessful mini procedures. Dr Singh was very professional, explained my condition well and spend a great amount of time exploring the options I have. Dr Singh has prescribed me medication that made me more comfortable and tried the Botox injections to see if that eases off my spasms. It certainly did in the place the Botox was injected. I am still battling the pain, but I am certainly much better than I was before I saw Dr Singh, especially psychologically, as I started believing there is something wrong with me. I appreciate that Dr Singh didn’t go ahead with another procedure for the sake of it.

The whole team were incredibly helpful, caring and approachable, nothing was a trouble and I always got help quickly. I am still under treatment and feel like I will eventually get better, which gives me the strength to continue with my physio and strengthening exercises. I am a much more positive person. Thank you, Dr Singh and team.

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I now have no pain | C. P

I write to offer my sincere thanks for the treatment you recommended on my left hip. I am pleased to say I now have no pain and am walking normally again without any limp. I found your service prompt, efficient, effective and thoroughly professional throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others in a similar situation to myself.

I appreciate that my regular squash playing is not the best form of therapy but I am pleased to report that I am back playing two to three times per week.

Keep on cheating the surgeons!

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Miracle - Transformed my life! | P. N

I suffered from bad knee pain following a skiing injury, but my other knee was ok. I was told by my GP that there were only two ways to treat my knee pain, physiotherapy or a knee replacement. I did not fancy either of those options. So I did some research and took the middle path. I had joint pain injections and that has made all the difference. I can now jump and run without pain! Useful with 5 children!

The procedure itself was painless. I am a pain avoider!

Miracle. Transformed my life!

Thank you

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The best Pain Specialists I have dealt with | A. H

The London Pain Clinic are by far the best Pain Specialists I have dealt with.

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I have made a full recovery thanks to the London Pain Clinic | S. B

Under the NHS I was diagnosed with Alkalosis Spondylitis and possible fibromyalgia. I was referred for “pain management” and told I had to manage my pain as there was nothing they could do and that I should consider going part time or leaving work. They even sent me for psychiatric assessment when I challenged their diagnosis – I don’t have either condition and have made a full recovery now thanks to the Doctor’s approach to pain management, his diagnosis and integrated physical therapy with his specialist pain physio.

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Exceptional admin at the clinic! | M.G.

Thank you for the speed & efficiency with which my letter has gone out!  I have always found all services received to be quick, timely, very helpful and cost effective.  The admin team are second to none!!

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Compassionate approach | S.A.

Thank you for seeing me and for the compassionate way you dealt with my pain and distress. 

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Amazing relief | T.W.

The relief after my injections is amazing.  No patient should be nervous due to the total professionalism with which each case is handled, including the detailed explanation of procedures, drugs used, aftercare, possible problems and reassurance. I left feeling happy and relieved and I’m sure other patients do.

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Now pain free! | D.R.

I am now in a pain free bubble of magic. Thank you to all the Team at The London Pain Clinic.

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"Thank you" | B.M.

I am making excellent progress and at last, out of pain.  Thank you for all your help.

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