Nerve Pain

Nerve painThere are many different types of pain that patients can commonly experience, such as bone and musculoskeletal, amongst others. One of the most debilitating forms, however, can be nerve pain. In order to restore a good quality of life, it’s essential that the patient is seen by a specialist in this field.

What causes nerve pain?

Nerve pain can occur as the result of a multitude of different conditions, and it’s important to ascertain exactly what is causing the specific problem. An experienced nerve pain specialist will be able to identify the source of your pain and ensure that you begin the right programme of medication.

Some individuals develop nerve pain in the facial area due to migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, or occipital neuralgia. Meanwhile, others can experience it because of acute cases of ilioinguinal and genitofemoral neuralgia, pelvic pain, or vulvodynia.

Patients with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, or those who encounter postherpetic neuralgia after an outbreak of the shingles virus, can also suffer from this kind of intense discomfort.

What does neuropathic pain feel like?

Once you have developed one of the above conditions, your nervous system will often become damaged and hypersensitive. As a result, you might experience intense pain in a localised area or throughout your body.

With nerve pain, people usually describe a burning and stabbing sensation, and rate it with a high number on the pain score chart. Nerve pain specialists can expect their patients to use vivid and inventive language to communicate their distress and the detrimental effect it is having on their lives.

Unfortunately, neuropathic pain often causes a high degree of disability. This can not only be physically limiting, but can have a significant negative impact on the patient’s mental health.

How should nerve pain be treated?

If you’re suffering with this kind of affliction, it’s essential to see a nerve pain specialist who can quickly identify the correct treatment plan. Traditional painkillers, known as analgesics, will not improve nerve pain, and anti-neuropathic medications must usually be prescribed to see improvement.

Nerve pain is frequently overlooked or misdiagnosed, but our consultants at the London Pain Clinic are experienced in identifying and treating this specific issue. They will take into consideration your unique set of symptoms and help you to develop and manage an effective range of therapies.

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